'Filmosofi' = Kärleken till filmen via visdomen och tvärtom. Ett roligare sätt att bli klok!

                                                      Video Games & Loss of Reality

                                                      Reflections on Lana Del Rey's "Video Games" in four parts. A "filmosophical" investigation of the song's connections to psychology (narcissism), literature (Nabokov), philosophy (Baudrillard) and the history of ideas (postmodernism). This is meant to be a bold and thought-provoking interpretation, rather than a timid, boring and exhaustive commentary.

                                                      If some of the insights are over-the-top, it's most probably because I set sail on uncharted seas and try to challenge what we think today and take for granted. The important thing is to make something interesting of what is scrutinized.