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                                                  Total mock

                                                  A trailer & tribute to the God of the Web: WTF. Inspired by a Screen Junkies' comment and all the WTF:s throughout the land. In the beginning there was What?! And The F'ck was born. And he F'cked him some kids. And he said: blessed is our Earth 'cause we're all Holy F'cks. And we prayed to WTF. And saw us some cats. And then we died ...

                                                  But then again ... Maybe mockery, such as this, is vital to philosophy, maybe it's the sane voice in an unsane time - "It's all a joke! Why aren't you laughing?!" The only people I really can't take seriously, is the much too serious people, "rational" people. "You have to be rational!" "There is an objective truth. We just haven't found it yet." "Let's all be reasonable here!"

                                                  NO! "Screw you guys, I'm going home!"

                                                  If you're so reasonable, then why are you boring, bored & miserable? If you know it all... Why brag about it? Didn't you learn about vanity? And what is so great about having all the answers, if you don't ask the right questions? "You know the way to the fish market, but do you know the way to Happiness?"

                                                  I think the body speaks its mind. If you're too much head than your back will ache. If you constantly think about food, then you'll look like Oprah. If you fail to give a proper body to your thoughts, they will get dry and become a burden. The critic, the thinker, the mocking artist needs a style. Let's be real here, some of the best philosophy and literature written is in its most important sense complete nonsense, it isn't rational, it is a tongue sticking out, it shows no obedience to rationality, it wants to make fun of the big thinkers of its time, the establishment, the norms and truths that its time takes for granted, it doesn't bow down before truth and crack its back, it spits in its face.

                                                  A mocker can't hide behind good manners. He's not a hider. He loves the flesh, because he exposes. He throws the message in the face. He's honest & nasty. And isn't that precisely what a philosopher should be? Not hidden behind books that nobody reads, getting salary from the state because he writes about shit that nobody cares about, developing the thought of pure rationality and perfect systems that give no wisdom to man... Shouldn't he rather be a wize-ass, laughing, witty, disobedient person that bends the thought rather than keeps it straight, that makes one think rather than gets paid to think so the people won't have to?

                                                  Must not the thinker smile and who is really the lover of wisdom?